Winter is coming to the Sioux Empire. You can just feel that chill in the air. This only means one thing...snow and ice will be everywhere. More importantly, snow and ice will be all over your vehicles.

Eventually, when Jack Frost is nipping on your nose and car, it's very important to perform this chore before you leave your driveway. In fact, there is even a state law dedicated to drivers who are out and about on the roads during the harsh South Dakota winters.

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A recent Facebook post from the South Dakota Highway Patrol says that all drivers must clear their windows before hitting the road. Not only is this a state law, but it's a safety issue that demands the attention of all South Dakota drivers.

Clearing your windshield during the wintertime is super important in order to stay safe on South Dakota roads. KEVN Black Hills Fox is reporting the fines that a driver can incur for not clearing his/her windshield can be pricy. Pretty much anything that obstructs your driving abilities is illegal in South Dakota. According to KEVN Black Hills Fox, "the city ordinance in Rapid City is much greater and the fine is $122."

It's already tough enough to drive on the winter roads throughout South Dakota. Clearing your windshield of snow and ice will at least make winter driving a little bit easier. It might take a while, but it's necessary to help keep you, your passengers, and other drivers safe on the road this winter.

Keeping your car’s windshield free from snow and ice may seem like another drudgery to add your list or one more nagging inconvenience, however, it’s one task that just may save your life!


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