South Dakotans have been known to tip a few back from time to time, but one city stands above the rest, and it's only 60 miles from Sioux Falls.

Is it surprising that this town is the drunkest in the entire state? You be the judge.

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Matt Surelee Charts recently asked its followers where the most intoxicated city in each U.S. state is located, and the results are pretty eye-opening.

Take a look at the chart below and see where the drunkest city in South Dakota is.

That's right, the city of Brookings takes the honor as the drunkest place in the Mount Rushmore State. Why is that the case? Well, one can guess that it has something to do with Brookings being a college town. And let's face it, college towns typically have a higher drinking rate than other cities.

For example, Iowa City is home to the University of Iowa and takes the top spot in that state. In Nebraska, number one goes to Lincoln, which is another big-time college town, as it's home to the University of Nebraska.

The funniest on the entire map has to go to the state of Wisconsin, where it doesn't mention a specific town, but rather just says "All of Them". Go home Wisconsin, you're drunk.

As far as states go, South Dakota lies smack dab in the middle at number 25. To see the full list of drunkest states, check out this article from Think Business.

Story Source: Matt Surelee Charts

Story Source: Think Business Website


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