I love Bruno Mars.

"Finesse" is one of my favorite songs on his 24K Magic album so when I saw that Cardi B was going to be on the remix I was skeptical.

I already liked the song, it didn't need help!

However, she didn't ruin it! She adds a verse to the beginning and then has an assist at the end.

I argued with Blaise this morning about what she added exactly. I think remix is the wrong word, she added a verse, otherwise the song is exactly as it was before. And her part at the end was already in the song, she just says it now.

However, I love the music video! It is so 90's!!!!!

At the end, it is revealed that is an homage to In Living Color, which was a sketch comedy show in the 90s complete with fly girls and everything! I'm not sure we'd even know who the Wayans family is without In Living Color. Oh, and Jennifer Lopez was a fly girl!

I think 8 boys I went to 6th grade with had the same shirt as Bruno!

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