What could be better after your first few hours in New Orleans, after drinking and wandering around for hours?

Alligator pizza and red beans and rice, duh!

Both of which really hit the spot.

So, I don't know about you, but I thought red beans and rice was more like whole red beans mixed in with some rice. It's actually more like a refried bean kind of thing with rice. I love refried beans by the way. Why have I not been eating this my whole life?

Also, you can't take me anywhere. I had a movie reference, song lyric, or just some random pop culture tidbit about so many things. Every time I saw red beans and rice on a menu, I would rap "Baby Got Back." You know the part that goes, "Red beans and rice didn't miss her."

Ok, now for the alligator pizza. I should clarify the pizza was actually called Salsiccia Marinara. It was topped with alligator sausage, andouille sausage, Italian sausage, mozzarella, and marinara. Yum!

I liked it. Honestly, at that point in the evening, I would have eaten almost anything, but it was actually really good. I think making anything a sausage makes it easier to eat and I will eat almost anything on a pizza.

Our late-night dinner of alligator pizza and red beans and rice was courtesy of Louisiana Pizza Kitchen. 

Louisiana Pizza Kitchen had salads, different kinds of pasta, and 'normal' pizzas like pepperoni if you're not super adventurous.

We were willing to step outside the box and had a hard time deciding. We also thought about getting the muffuletta pizza. Mmmmmm muffuletta.

While I'm sure the muffuletta pizza is amazing, I stand by our decision. Alligator sausage for the win!

Louisiana Pizza Kitchen

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