Hey', can I buy you a drink? Not just any drink, but the number one beverage in America. Put all the Coke and Pepsi battles aside. Show us all the catchy beer commercials money can buy.

It doesn't matter. The number one beverage in America is still milk.

Think about it. Man thinks he's pretty smart with all the soft drink concoctions, fruity drinks, beers, hard liquors, wines and so on. But God created milk. Who can top him?

Milk was first delivered in bottles on January 11, 1878. So Friday (1/11) is National Milk Day. Do you know where most of our milk comes from?

Top 5 Milk Producing States:

  1. California
  2. Wisconsin
  3. New York
  4. Idaho
  5. Texas

California by far, is the number one milk producing state in the U.S. with over 40 billion pounds coming from there each year.

Here's Some Milk Trivia For You:

  • United States and Australia are the world’s largest exporters of milk and milk products.
  • Throughout the world, there are more than six billion consumers of milk and milk products.
  •  In the Middle Ages, milk was called the virtuous white liquor because alcoholic beverages were more reliable than water.
  • In 1863 French chemist and biologist Louis Pasteur invented pasteurization, a method of killing harmful bacteria in beverages and food products.
  • The females of all mammal species can by definition produce milk, but cow milk dominates commercial production.
  • Milk is processed into a variety of dairy products such as cream, butter, yogurt, ice cream and cheese.

World Milk Day is celebrated on June 1.

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