In our quest to go with everything American, there's one place we are going backwards, at least in the food department. It is reported that American Cheese on the Decline.

American consumers are losing the taste for the choice of American cheese. Sales are projected to collapse almost 2 percent this year, marking the fourth consecutive year of decline.

But, let's face it, when it comes to cheese, we have a vast amount of types to choose from. I found myself spending over a half hour hovering over a cheese display at the grocery store recently.

I am a huge cheese lover. I like the sharp cheeses. I just cut into a block of extra sharp cheddar at home the other day.

For the most part, the century-old preservative-heavy American cheese is being replaced by fancier types of cheese. In its place are varieties such as asiago, fontina, smoked Gouda and “real” cheddar.

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