Since June is Dairy Month, there is one product that I use occasionally, but enjoy immensely. It also eases some of the guilt for pouring half and half on a bowl of cereal.

As a point of reference, there is a deep connection to the dairy industry, having milked cows on our farm growing up. For the better part of 16 years, my family rarely bought milk from the store. Instead we could dip the sterilized metal container into the tank and pull out a half gallon and walk it to the house.

From my recollection of raw milk, it would need constant circulation in the tank in order to keep the cream from separating until the milk truck came to pick up our supply. In the house we would skim the cream off the top and keep it in a separate container which would eventually be used in recipes or be the final addition to a bowl of cereal.

Since my metabolism has diminished, regularly putting heavy cream on cereal would severely hamper my efforts to keep a boyish figure. However on the occasion when the kitchen at my current home is up and running and some half and half is needed, a little leftover will not go to waste.

It’s not that it’s sweeter, there’s a fuller and deeper taste that in special situations will draw me back to that early life memory. If you don’t like it on cereal, adding to coffee is an option.

Since half and half features twice the calories of whole milk, very seldom does it find a home in the grocery bag. When it does, I make sure I get those 10,000 daily steps and 30 minutes of exercise soon afterward. There's no need to go all the way to whipping cream which is even more sinful on cereal or is there?

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