Doughnuts are a thing of beauty. They could be a perfect food. If the only criteria for perfection was being made of sugar-covered fried dough. And I think that is pretty close.

Anyways, if you're on a quest to find the best of the best doughnuts in South Dakota The Travel Channel has a suggestion. And if you want to make a little trip here's some ideas for Minnesota, Iowa, and Nebraska.

The Travel Channel says the best doughnuts in South Dakota can be found at local Sioux Falls sensation Flyboy Donuts.

If you find yourself in South Dakota in need of a donut, check out Flyboy Donuts.

The Travel Channel was similarly excited about their choice for Nebraska, Lincoln's The Doughnut Hole.

The Doughnut Hole is the must-try donut shop for Nebraska.

For Iowa they loved Daylight Donuts in Iowa City.

Since 2011, Daylight Donuts have been serving up donuts to the people in Iowa City. Blueberry is one of their best-sellers.

The network was particularly excited by their Minnesota pick: Glam Doll Donuts in Minneapolis.

...a must-try for lovers of unique donut flavors. The donut flavors also have glamorous names like Dark Angel, Bombshell, Cosmopolitan Girl, Darling and Outlaw, which has lemon cream cheese, cherry icing & brown butter crumb topping. They also deliver via a locally grown bike messenger service.

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