Sioux Falls, and really all of South Dakota, enjoys a wealth of great places to eat. From amazing small town diners to transcendent fine dining experiences, the 605 is an underappreciated foodie's paradise.

You can find most any style of cooking in South Dakota, including some great fusion restaurants. Fusion cooking is generally the mixing bits of different culinary traditions and styles. Like a bar-b-que pizza.

A website called Best Things South Dakota released a report highlighting the 10 best fusion restaurants in our state.

At the top of the top of the list is a Sioux Falls favorite: Phnom Penh Restaurant Asian Cuisine.

Sioux Fall’s Phnom Penh Restaurant Asian Cuisine brings high-quality Cambodian and Chinese dishes with fresh, authentic, and traditional Asian home-style recipes. Customers love this cozy, family-run restaurant that makes everything homemade. Some of the menu favorites are the pork bun, crepes, Cambodian egg rolls, and papaya salad.

Coming in second is Craft Italian-American Fusion in Brookings, SD.

Some of the local favorite menu items include the blackened chicken caprese sandwich, deconstructed chicken cordon bleu, trout amandine, truffle butter & bacon filet mignon, caprese lamb burger, or the marsala mushroom ravioli.

Number three is a hot new place in Rapid City: (kol).

Some of the menu favorites are the street tacos...meatball sliders...and creole gumbo.

Fourth place goes to another Rapid City fave, this time a food truck: NOSH Mobile Eatery.

Some customer favorites include the fish tacos, carnitas tater tots, Maine-style shrimp rolls, mahi mahi tacos, and ceviche served with homemade guacamole and chips.

Rounding out the top five is Rapid City's Pacific Rim Cafe.

Not only do they serve Vietnamese food but also some other Asia cuisines and American foods!

Here's the whole top 10. They must really love the Black Hills.

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