The drive from here to Chicago is about 8 hours. That 8 hours can feel really long sometimes and snacks are the only thing to help get through Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Illinois.

I always make a deal with myself every time I travel that I'm not going to eat anywhere that I have at home. This trip was no exception.

First we stopped off for lunch at a Green Mill restaurant. My friend went to college around Fargo and loved the one there so we stopped.

Then in Wisconsin, Jonny V told me to stop by Carr Valley cheese in Mauston. So we did. We got fresh cheese curds there. They also had a variety of cheese spreads and dips!

The gas station there also sold lots of cheese stuff, just in case you needed a new cheese hat. They also had cookies the size of my head.

Ok, so I lied. We did stop at one place that we have at home. We stopped for a coffee at Caribou Coffee, but we needed something to keep us going those last couple hours. Anyway, the Caribou Coffee had cute sugar cookies that said, "Uff Da." How funny is that? And I got the trivia question right, so I got ten cents off! Yay me!

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