If you love the taste of pickles but realize that carrying around a jar of your favorite green snack isn’t very practical, you’re in luck.

USA Today says the pickle experts at Vlasic are actively working on a bag of chips that aren’t just potato slices infused with some pickle juice like Lay's and Pringles already make, but rather actual pickles that are vacuum-dried to ensure that they are dry, crunchy, and crispy.

The report says Vlasic’s parent company, Conagra, has confirmed the new product but hasn’t announced when or where the product will be released.

But the folks at Conagra aren't putting all of their eggs in the pickle chips basket.

The company says they'll release other snacks in the near future like Slim Jim Fire Fries, Slim Jim Fried Pork rinds, and single-serving cake cups from Duncan Hines, which will come with toppings like Oreo cookie pieces, pudding, and unicorn-themed cookies.

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