It can be a REAL dilemma.

You're heading to the ballpark to catch your favorite Major League Baseball team, but you want to remind the world that you are a hardcore classic rocker.

What to do?

A new line of t-shirts has come the the rescue! is now selling official, MLB licensed, KISS 'Dressed to Kill' shirts, featuring nine of your favorite big league teams.

Fans of the Red Sox, Cubs, Tigers, Yankees, A's, Phillies, Pirates, Giants, and Cardinals all have an opportunity to fly their team colors AND profess their devotion to the KISS Army, all with one wardrobe choice.

Given KISS' penchant for putting their name on just about ANYTHING under the sun (caskets, condoms, etc.), I'm not surprised to see them involved in this venture, but as for baseball, this is a bit of a departure for them.  Which other bands would you like to see them partner with?

Let's hope fans of the other 21 MLB teams get their chance to pick up some KISS gear in the future.