I went to my first KISS concert on Friday (February 21) in Sioux City, IA. Now, I'm going to be honest, going in, I was like, kind of a KISS fan. I know a handful of songs, but I knew that their show would be very theatrical and that was definitely true!

The show opened with "Detroit Rock City" and they basically punched us in the face from the start!

There was pyro, there was fire, there were fireworks, there were big booms, there was confetti, there were streamers, there were lasers, there were flame throwers, there were guitars that shot sparks, there was blood, there was spandex, there was Paul Stanley flying across the audience, there was so much going on!

Even without knowing every song there was always something to keep your attention!

Personally, the setlist was done very well, just when a couple of songs went by and I thought, "Ugh, I don't know any of these." here comes "I Was Made For Loving You" to suck me right back in!

I have a history of going to concerts and not hearing my favorite song, which for me and KISS would be "Beth". I was starting to get worried, but then in the encore, it happened! Thank you, KISS, for not disappointing me.

Of course, no spoilers here, "Rock and Roll All Nite" was the closer and it was EVERYTHING!!

By the end of the show, I bought a $50 t-shirt and I am officially a member of the KISS Army!

If you have the opportunity to see a show, do it. It's so much fun!

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