One of South Dakota's most historic cities has submitted its application to get a hometown makeover from HGTV.

Dakota News Now is reporting that Vermillion, home of the University of South Dakota, has thrown their hat in the ring to receive a little TLC from HGTV.

Leslie Gerrish, Co-owner of The Bean Community Coffeehouse in Vermillion told Dakota News Now, "Upon hearing the news of this opportunity, I sent some texts and e-mails and within a couple of days we had a great committee formed and we just got the ball rolling."

According to Gerrish, everyone on the committee realized Vermillion made the perfect candidate. "A town of 40,000 people or less, the main street that needs a facelift, and historic homes that need some love."

As Dakota News Now reports, time was of the essence, as the committee had only a few weeks to enter a submission and create a convincing video as to why HGTV should pick the city of Vermillion to be the recipient of the hometown makeover.

In the submission, committee members cited that Vermillion has a strong identity, and shows a lot of community pride, the only thing that stops them is a lack of resources.

They're hoping the folks at HGTV can help to change that.

Gerrish said, "I know for certain if a bus pulls in here from HGTV there will be a street full of people welcoming them and that's just so exciting."

Committee members and the city of Vermillion are now forced to play the waiting game. The HGTV application didn't state when they would find anything out. Hopefully soon. When they do, we will update you.

Source: Dakota News Now

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