Can you believe I haven't done this song for Throwback yet? I'm glad I haven't though because it's the perfect Halloween Throwback.

I bet your thinking, "But Tasha, this song doesn't seem scary or spooky or mention Halloween or monsters."

True. However, when you go trick-or-treating you get, say it with me now, CANDY!!!

Also, upon further research, this song actually peaked on the Billboard Hot 100 on October 30, 1999. It only peaked at #41, like how? If you're around my age, everybody knows this song. How did it only peak at #41?

And 'Candy' is Mandy Moore's highest-charting song. You guys, we did Mandy dirty. She deserves better.

I feel a Mandy song for Throwback is timely for another reason. She is now on This Is Us, which just had the season premiere this week!!

Speaking of This Is Us, I always thought it would be cool if during the flashback parts of the show that are in the 90s, if 'Candy' were to come on the radio and Mandy's television children were like, "Ugh, I hate this song." And Mandy as Rebecca would be like, "I don't know guys, I kind of like it!" I just think that would be fun. This Is Us writers, get on it!

'Candy' was the lead single from Mandy Moore's debut album, So Real.

The music video for 'Candy' was a staple on TRL in 1999. It was on the show for 61 days, just a few days shy of retirement, which was 65 days in 1999. The show eventually shortened retirement to 50 and ultimately 40 days.

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