If you are spooked easily (like myself) then you'll probably want to steer clear of this road.

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We're all familiar with haunted houses, but haunted roads might just be a completely different story for some people.

Burlington, Iowa is home to one of the most haunted roads in the state, and maybe...just maybe...the country.

Less than ten miles away from the Mississippi River, you'll find Stony Hollow Road.

This road was the sight of a tragedy many years ago.

Legend says, many years ago that a woman named Lucinda snuck off to meet with the man that she had been secretly engaged to. This alleged meeting took place not too far from a cliff that was right above Stony Hollow Road.

Some accounts say she was married to this man.

While the exact details of their relationship might vary, the tragic ending is the same for all of these different accounts...

Lucinda was devastated that her lover did not show up, and assumed the very worst. She thought he had run off with another woman!

So, she threw herself off the cliff that they had agreed to meet at and fell to her death, landing on Stony Hollow Road. One of the most tragic details of this story, is that her lover showed up to find the woman dead.

Some people claim that his delay was due to his wagon getting stuck in the mud.

Now, she allegedly haunts the road that she died on.

The legend of Lucinda continues to this day, with people going to the spot of her death at night and calling out "Lucinda!" three times. Her ghostly figure appears towards the edge of the cliff according to some witnesses.

However, be warned...

If the spirit lays a rose at your feet, some say that you too will meet a similar fate within 24 hours.

Canva/Burlington Iowa Paranormal YouTube/KM
Canva/Burlington Iowa Paranormal YouTube/KM

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