posted a list of their saddest TV moments.

While I didn't agree with their whole list, I definitely approved of Charlie's death on Lost and Will breaking down on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

But, I have a bone to pick!

ER, not on this list? I was shook for a week. No lie. I would even argue that Dr. Mark Greene was and is one of the best TV characters of all time played brilliantly by Anthony Edwards. I still can't hear "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" without having a visceral reaction. I re-watched the entire season on Hulu last year and it still holds up!

Another, honorable mention, that I don't think gets enough respect, is the finale from Dawson's Creek. Jen Lindley anybody? Played by Michelle Williams, who has gone on to be one of the most respected and sought after actresses of our time! So many tears in that episode. I mean, she left behind a daughter. It was too much.


More recently, can we take a moment to recognize the This Is Us episode where we finally learn how Jack died? All the tissues were necessary. I remember that episode was on after the Super Bowl where my husband, Justin Timberlake performed during halftime, and it was my birthday. Emotionally, I was all over the place. I literally was cry eating birthday cake, alone, wearing a Justin Timberlake t-shirt. So messy.

Obviously, my list could go on and on with just Grey's Anatomy episodes, but I'll stop here because I think we've cried enough for today.




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