Like most mornings Andy and I got to work this morning and told each other how our weekends were. I mentioned that I had received a weird text from a number I did not know. It was a cheesy pick up line, then asked to be texted back. It was signed by Jessica-O.

I just figured some poor girl was given the wrong number at a bar. The number had a 615 area code, which is Nashville, so I didn't really think anything of it. I replied that I think they have the wrong number. End of story.

I brought this up on air this morning just to open up conversation about misdialings or sending pics to the wrong person via text or what have you. Turns out, I was not the only one that got a weird text message with a pick up line in it.

Lots of callers and texters told us that they received weird messages over the weekend too and that it was a scam. The texts came from all different numbers, but always had a girl's name at the end with an initial.

Now, I don't know officially how the scam works. One texter said that they thought by replying you verified it is a working number and then they will sell that number to companies, so I guess I'll be getting more telemarketers calling me.

However, another texter said that by replying they can somehow hack into your phone. So far, nothing weird has happened with my phone or any of my accounts.

Silly me for replying. I thought I was letting a girl down easy, but no, I may have opened my whole phone up to hacking.

So if you got a message like this, this last weekend or get one in the future, the main consensus is don't reply.

Here are a couple more examples of what the messages look like thanks to our listener Briana.

text scam 3
Courtesy of Briana/ Hot Listener
text scam 3
Courtesy of Briana/Hot Listener

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