Distracted driving is at an all-time high. Thanks to our electronics and our constant need to check our phones. I've heard it described as "fear of missing out" - or FOMO. It's maddening when the car in front of you doesn't go when the light turns green because they're answering an email or a text. Or worse, taking a selfie.

A commissioned survey of 3,100 drivers revealed a few startling statistics about South Dakota drivers - and it really should come as no surprise. But then again, these are pretty alarming. According to Gunther VW Fort Lauderdale, a few eye-popping stats include half of South Dakotans admit to using social media while driving. But it doesn't stop there. An incredible 8% of drivers admit to watching videos on Youtube while driving!

But perhaps the craziest is that the poll reveals that 1 in 5 people are taking selfies behind the wheel.

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This all adds up to potentially dangerous behavior while driving. And after all of the safe driving PSA's local radio and television rolls out daily, 18% of respondents still do not know that it's illegal to text behind the wheel.

My wife and I are parents of new drivers and that is making us think twice about the choices we make behind the wheel. You cannot text while driving and then tell your kids not to do that. Lead by example. The text can wait.

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