How old am I? Well, old enough to remember a time when I was smarter than my phone. Yep, 'tis true, there was a long-ago day when that was true.

Of course now when I bump into something I don't know (which seems to happen more and more), I can just go to my handy phone and get the answer..or for that matter, answers.

My phone has a ton of information packed into it and zippity-do-dah, fast as a flash, there it is. Except it's getting a little slower, a little more sluggish than it used too. And come to think of it, so am I. Hmm...

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Well, as far as my phone goes, our friends at Better Homes and Gardens have 6 tips on how I can get Sparky (I call my phone Sparky) revitalized, get him back to his old self...or at least close to it.

6 Easy Tips To Get Your Slow & Sluggish Smartphone To Work Faster

Well I'll be. I tried a few of those things and yessir, Sparky's moving a little more frisky now. It was kind of like giving him a few vitamins.

So if your Sparky (or whatever you call your phone) seems to be stepping a little slower, try one or two or three of these. It might put a little bounce in your phone's step like it did mine.

Diverging Diamond


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