Teens React is a series of videos online where teens react to old stuff. Sometimes it's toys or foods or music or TV, you get the idea. There is also an Elders React, Kids React, Adults React, College Kids React, again, you get the idea.

Well, not too long ago there was a Teens React to Backstreet Boys and then there was Backstreet Boys React to Teens React and now *NSync is getting the honor of being reactive.

Fingers crossed there will be an *NSync reacts follow up!

Anyway, in this edition a few teens watch some *NSync videos and give their opinion. These are my reactions to Teens React.

1. What kind of crappy parents do these kids have that they were not introduced to *NSync sooner?

2. Yes, their choreo was tight! Way to recognize!

3. There was a different music video for "I Want You Back" that wasn't quite so lame. Check it! This is the American version that was made a couple years after the original. *NSync was big in Europe before the U.S.

4. That one kid with the swoopy hair needs to stop being so negative. We don't need that kind of attitude around here.

5. Yes, their harmonies were on point!

6. Yes, ski goggles and a beanie inside doesn't make sense now, but the 90s were a different time!

7. Yes, this was back when music videos were mini-movies! Puppet plot lines and all!

8. Yes. RIP Toys R Us!

9. "Pop" deserves more!

10. I can't even with these kids trying to name the members. It's not that hard! Like, how did some of them still get Justin wrong!?!?!

11. I am also disappointed and shocked that they only did 3 albums! We NEED a new albums, guys!

12. Do you think people want new music from *NSync? Is that even a question? Of course  we do!

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