Today is Justin Timberlake's 39th birthday and a Friday so I thought it would be a fun #FlashbackFriday to reminisce about some my favorite JT moments!

In no particular order, here we go:

1. 'Disney In Concert Special'. Justin and the guys from NSYNC credit this Disney special as the moment they blew up in the US. Everything changed after this!


2. NSYNC's performance at the VMA's. The screen choreo was everything!


3. Justin has been in some pretty good movies like The Social Network and Trolls, but one of my favorites is the Disney made for TV movie, Model Behavior. I mean, this acting is so good. Get all the Justin goods at about the 2 minute mark.

4. Justin is one of my favorite hosts on Saturday Night Live. He even got an Emmy for this song! So well deserved.

5. "Sexyback" was the first single from Justin's second solo album. And even though he had some bangers on his first solo album, this was the song that made him JUSTIN FRICKIN TIMBERLAKE!

6. As part of NSYNC and as a solo artist, Justin has a made a lot of music videos and MTV had to recognize his awesomeness. He was given the Video Vanguard award and reunited NSYNC at the show! Now, can we do that reunion tour already!

7. Justin has been involved with 3 Super Bowl halftimes. First, while in NSYNC, they performed with Aerosmith. And then, of course, there was the Janet Jackson 'thing' that happened. But as a solo artist, he was the halftime entertainment at Super Bowl 52 in Minneapolis. He got a lot of grief and hate online, but haters gonna hate. I loved it. He's amazing. I will fight you.

Obviously, there are like a bajillion more things I could talk about, but I'll stop here. Wouldn't want to over do it.

Happy Birthday, Justin!