'Teens React' is a series of videos on the internet. Some of the things teens react to consist of toys or movies and in this case music.

In this episode we get a double dose of reactions because the Backstreet Boys, themselves, sat down to watch teens reacting to their old music videos.

The guys take most of the criticism in stride. And honestly, there were a lot of positive things out of the kids.

I love how even the guys themselves are a bit embarrassed about some of their past wardrobe or hair choices. Also, they seem to understand that their music videos didn't always make sense.

The guys make this point towards the end, but it is crazy to think that a few of these songs still transcend to the younger crowd. A couple of those songs the kids knew instantly.

AJ even points out that technically "I Want It That Way" was a bigger commercial success but "Backstreet's Back (Everybody)" had more of a reaction from the kids, which one could say means it has more lasting power.

The part when the kids couldn't name the members was hilarious. I mean, I know I'm totally in BSB's demographic, but it's not that hard.

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