First things first.

No, people that live in Scotland don't talk with an accent. At least, not most of them.

If you're looking to 'get away from it all' while still being in the middle of a lot of great things, well, I have just the place for you!

Welcome to Scotland, South Dakota, one of South Dakota's best 'Under A Grand'. It's one of those small South Dakota towns with a population less than a thousand that make us the greatest state in the good 'ol USA. According to the 2010 census Scotland is 841 friendly people strong.

It was way back in 1870 that Scotland was born and...Surprise!..the folks that gave the community its birth were pretty much English and....wait for it...Scottish!

It was in about 1880 that Scotland really got its feet on the ground, or rather, on the railroad tracks. Yep, 'back in the day', if the railroad came to your village, it generally meant your village became a town. And so it was with Scotland. But enough of the history lesson, you can read about that here.

These days Scotland boasts a vibrant business community with just about everything a person could want. Located in Bon Homme County, if you're looking for a good hunting country for pheasants, ducks, geese, or deer, come on over! And while you're here you'll want to take advantage of the campground (maybe have a picnic, how long has it been?), shoot some golf on a great course, and be sure and ask about annual rodeo, it's a good 'un!

But plan to stay awhile. Once you have a cup of coffee and a warm conversation, you may want to stay (or come back soon).

So here's a suggestion: Why not get off the hustle and bustle of the Interstate, swing on into Bon Homme County, and motor on into Scotland. You'll discover a great and friendly town, absolutely one of South Dakota's best 'Under A Grand'!

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