Oh sure, you're in a hurry. You're always in a hurry. Go, go, go, busy, busy, busy. You can just hop on the interstate and get from here to there at 80 MPH.

But what you'll miss. My, my, what beauty you'll miss.

For me, having grown up right outside a small town (a real small town), it's those towns, villages...communities...that make South Dakota what it is, the best place to live in the entire nation.

But if you just zip along the interstate, you'll be missing some South Dakota gems.

Like, for instance, one of the finest, friendliest places in the state.

Emery might be off the 'beaten path', but not by far. If you're motoring along I-90, well, we're just 4 miles south on Highway 262. To out it another way, if you're in Sioux Falls you're just 45 minutes or so away. Heck, if you find yourself in Mitchell, it's just a 20 minute jaunt.

But what will you find in this small town, this South Dakota spot called Emery?

Well, you'll notice the beautiful South Dakota agricultural and hunting land first, before you even get to town. And once there get ready to enjoy the beautiful parks with just about any kind of outdoor activity you want...ball fields, swimming, golf and a lot more. In fact, if you stay long enough, you'll be amazed by their summer recreation program. Yep, the young 'un's in Emery have plenty to do to keep busy all summer and beyond!

Oh, you'll notice the ever expanding industrial park, too. Emery might be considered small, but it certainly isn't stagnant!

But truth be told, what you'll notice most is the people. Spend a little relaxing time with a cup of coffee and conversation and before you know it...you'll feel right at home.

It was several years ago that Emery celebrated it's 125th birthday. The video below will give you an even better idea why you'll want to spend a little time (or a lot of time) in Emery, South Dakota, one of our jewel's under a grand.

Some Information For This Article Courtesy Of The City Of Emery Website

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