Being from a small farm outside a small town myself, I've always felt it's the small towns that make South Dakota the greatest state in the nation. You know, those towns with a population 'Under A Grand'.

Welcome to Castlewood, population 627.

Nestled right up there in Hamlin County, Castlewood was born back in 1881 and like so many newborn communities, it was all thanks to...the railroad. And how did Castlewood get its name? Well, according to the towns website, the trains engineer was named Castle and the conductor was a fella named Wood.

Hmm...I guess you could call it a merger.

If you love the outdoors, well Castlewood should be on your radar. Playgrounds, picnic areas, a great Golf Course, disc golf...or how about pitching some horseshoes? Been a while for you too, huh? Well, the cool horseshoe pits are calling our name!

Smack dab in the middle of some of the best agriculture ground you'll ever see, you might want to take along your gun for some great hunting, too.

But maybe you want to do more than just visit...maybe you'd like to stay. I don't blame you! Business in Castlewood is thriving and according to their website:

The Castlewood Economic Development Board has been vital to bringing businesses, infrastructure and recreation to the city of Castlewood. The industrial park offers ready to build sites with financing available from the corporation and other sources. Located only minutes from I-29 and close proximity to Watertown, Castlewood offers the ideal atmosphere for your business.

So come on by, Castlewood is just a bit off I-29 up by Watertown. Taking the time to visit with some of the friendliest people you'll ever meet might be just what you need...and want.


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