First things first.

No, Tripp, South Dakota is not in Tripp County, South Dakota. But yes, both the county and the town were named after the same guy. Pay attention, don't get confused.

Being from a small farm just outside a small town, I've always felt it's the small towns that make South Dakota the greatest state in the nation, those communities with a population 'Under A Grand'.

Welcome to Tripp, population right around 800 according to the town website (The census of 2010 says 647, but I'm going with the local townfolk!). And just to be clear, Tripp is in Hutchinson County. Oh, and that guy Tripp was named after? That would be a fella named Bartlett Tripp who was Chief  Justice of the Dakota Territory Supreme Court. When the town was born in 1886 he was a big shot...apparently big enough to have a town and county named after him!

So what is it about Tripp that makes it one of South Dakota's best small communities?

Well, I think a line from the city website is a nice start:

With a thriving city center, recently remodeled school and economical housing, Tripp provides a quality of life beyond compare.

And of course, everyone knows (or should) that we love the outdoors...and wow! Does the Tripp area have great outdoors. The Missouri River is a short 30 miles west with some of the best recreational opportunities you'll ever find.

And every fall the town and area fill up thanks to the abundant pheasant population. In fact, if you ask around people will tell you that Tripp is in the smack dab center of some of the best pheasant, Whitetail Deer and Waterfowl hunting you'll find anywhere.

If you haven't stopped by, do yourself a favor, stop by the intersection of Highway's 18 & 37, have a cup of coffee and meet some of the friendliest people on the planet.

Who knows? Maybe they'll tell you about that special, secret fishing or hunting spot!

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