Delish put together a list of the best 24-hour restaurants in each state and their choice for South Dakota is right here in Sioux Falls. It's also one of my favorite places in town to go.

Taking into account Yelp reviews they named Giliberto's in Sioux Falls as the best always open place to eat in the state.

Here's what they had to say:

On your way to or from Mt Rushmore, stop in for food that tastes like it's from an authentic San Diego taco shop on the west coast. The Midwestern gem serves chorizo breakfast burritos that measures almost a foot long, plus tostadas and chimichangas that are to die for.

I had heard about Giliberto's ever since they had opened the first of two locations in the former Long John Silvers on Minnesota a few years ago. Many people, many times recommended the place to me.

I was told about the great food and the great prices. I was told about their amazing Mexican food and the awesome all-day breakfast, but I kept dragging my feet. I'd been burned by less than exciting southwestern food in town too many times.

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Then they opened their second location on east 10th Street in Sioux Falls. Now they were right in my backyard, so I took the plunge.

Why did I wait so long?!

It was exactly the Mexican restaurant I'd been looking for. It's fast and casual, you order at the counter, the people are always nice and the food is up fast. Plus, I can get tamales! One, or two, or six.

Another thing I like is that they get the spice right. Too often I run into a Midwestern blanding-down of food. The flavor is cut back to cater to a perceived milder palette of locals. It's more a holdover from before everyone became a foodie wannabe, but I'd often find that the 'hot' option meant 'hot for South Dakota.' Or, I'd run into the maddening flip-side; hot for hot's sake. Just a crazy spicy that burns your mouth in order to hide the fact that the food has no flavor.

Not at Giliberto's though. The food has a bite that can hurt so good, to steal a phrase from John Mellencamp. It's a huge flavor that sticks with you. My current favorites on the menu is the Azetca Burrito, a chorizo dominated (giant) piece of heaven with a cactus garnish. Oh, and the tamales, can't forget the tamales.

Delish got it right when they said Giliberto's is the best 24-hour restaurant in Sioux Falls.

In case you're wondering, here are what they said are the best 24-houre restaurants in the states around Sioux Falls.

Source: Delish

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