That's right. You're probably eating chocolate wrong according to chocolate experts at Delish and The Chocolate Fetish.

So, I'm here to help relay the message. Here are a few things to help increase your chocolate enjoyment.

  1. Don't chew it. They recommend putting a piece of chocolate in your mouth and pressing it against the roof of your mouth with your tongue and letting it melt. (I actually do this when eating things like a Hershey Kiss.)
  2. Eat it in small pieces. Breaking chocolate in smaller pieces help to release the aromas.
  3. Rub it with your thumb. Rubbing your chocolate helps soften it and release the aromas as well.
  4. Smell it. Just like wine, smelling it first helps enhance the flavor. Smelling helps prime your taste buds.
  5. Let it linger. Don't wash down your chocolate too fast. No drinking immediately after. Good chocolate, again like wine, should have a long finish so if you're taking a swig too soon, you won't get the full experience.
  6. Don't mix chocolates. Honestly, I'm an equal opportunity chocolate eater, but the experts say eating too many kinds of chocolate confuses your taste buds.

So that's that on that.



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