R Wine Bar in Downtown Sioux Falls was named The Best Italian Restaurant in South Dakota according to MSN.

MSN used information from Yelp to name the winners in each state. They explained their process as follows, "This is a list of the best Italian restaurants in the United States according to Yelp. All the businesses on this list are in the "Italian" category on Yelp. "Best" is measured using an algorithm that looks at the number of reviews and star ratings for a business."

When you get to South Dakota's page, R Wine Bar is declared the winner and MSN have some really nice things to say, "What would this list be without an Italian-inspired wine bar that serves up ambiance and aperitifs for the perfect date night? With a selection of paninis, charcuterie boards, and 50 wines to choose from, this wine bar propels any romantic evening to the next level. If you want the best Italian in South Dakota, make sure to give R Wine Bar a try."

I've been to R Wine Bar a couple of times and I have to agree. The food is great and the service has always been very helpful and prompt. The staff is very knowledgeable about the wines and the menu so don't feel intimidated.

Congrats to R Wine Bar!

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