So, in case you live under a rock or don't have social media, Dave Matthews Band was in town to perform 3 shows for Sanford and Premier Bank/Bankcard employees.

And, if you were like me, and you have cool friends that work there, you got to go too.

Well, since they were in town for three whole days, odds of running into someone in the band were pretty high.

For example, the folks over at Books n Brewz were pleasantly surprised when Dave Matthews popped in for some pizza!



They said he even did karaoke! What do you think his go to song is? Do you think he would do one of his own songs or something else? Also, does he like pineapple on pizza?

On their Facebook page, Books n Brewz mention that they were given tickets to the show as well!! How cool?

They weren't the only ones. R Wine Bar in downtown also had a Dave Matthews Band sighting.



Did you spot Dave Matthews or any of the rest of the band/crew out and about in Sioux Falls?

Tell me everything.



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