How much do you tip your server when you dine out these days? If you're the average South Dakotan, it's not enough.

According to Money magazine, South Dakota is the third worst tipping state in America, behind only Delaware and Hawaii.

The National Restaurant Association numbers say residents of the Mount Rushmore state, on average, add a 15.3% gratuity to their restaurant bills. In Hawaii it's 15.1%, in Delaware, it's a nation-worst 14%.

So where are the big tippers?

Alaska (17%), Arkansas (16.9%), and North Carolina (16.8%) leave the highest average gratuities.

Now I know what you're thinking: Isn't 15% going rate for adequate service?

Not anymore.

According to the Nation's Restaurant News:

U.S. restaurant guests tip an average of 18 percent for good service.

(In 2014) Harris polled 2,019 U.S. consumers older than 18 and found 70 percent said they usually tip between 15 percent and 20 percent for good service when dining out, and one in 10 said they typically tip more than 20 percent.

So now that you've seen the numbers, will you be changing the amount of tip you leave the next time you dine out?

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