Sioux Falls Police Department Public Information Officer Sam Clemens says two teens stole a van and then broke windows in a number of vehicles in the city.

"We had a couple of 14-year-olds that were in a car. Mom went inside to pick up another child. She left the keys inside the van. When mom came out, the van was gone. They stayed out all night. We believe that they broke at least 38 car windows using some landscaping rocks."

Clemens says the two boys were eventually caught.

"As they were driving along, one of them would be throwing the rocks out the window and breaking out the back windows. We had an officer that tried to stop them early Monday but wasn't able to. I believe the highway patrol tried to stop them and ended up calling off their pursuit. Later on in the day around noon on Monday a highway patrol officer saw the stolen van. This time they were able to get it stopped. The two boys were inside. They were both charged with stealing the van and then the vandalism charges as well. At first a few counts but there will be several more counts to come."

Clemens says the damage to the vehicles is estimated at 19 thousand dollars.

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