Tag, you're it!

A Sioux Falls man that tagged several locations downtown over the weekend is now behind bars.

KSFY TV is reporting police have arrested 25-year-old Anthony Rainbow after he was caught spray painting graffiti on a series of building windows, doors, and parked vehicles scattered throughout 17 different locations between 8th Street, Phillips Avenue, and Weber Street on Sunday morning, (July 14) in Sioux Falls.

According to KSFY, Rainbow is now looking at 6 counts of intentional damage to property. With four of those charges being listed as felonies.

Graffiti is starting to become more prevalent throughout parts of the city, with a number of street signs, utility boxes, sidewalks, and structures being tagged with racial slurs and gang related words and symbols.

Don't forget the city of Sioux Falls now has a mobile app that makes it easy to place a report for things like graffiti removal, dangerous potholes, street light outages, etc. Information on the app can be found here.

Source: KSFY TV

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