If you have a kiddo that lives inside the Sioux Falls School District that child is eligible to get a couple of free squares each day through the end of July.

The Sioux Falls Public School District announced on Tuesday (May 31) they intend to offer free breakfast and free lunch for any child (0 to 18) years-of-age each week during the majority of the summer vacation months.

As Dakota News Now reports, the Sioux Falls Summer Food Service Program for children will run weekdays until Friday (July 29) at nine different Sioux Falls Public Schools throughout the city.

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Here's how it will work:

Kids wishing to receive a free breakfast courtesy of the Sioux Falls School District must report to one of the participating schools between 8:00 and 8:45 AM Monday through Friday.

Conversely, a free lunch will be served to any child weekdays between 11:30 and 12:30 PM at every participating school.

Adults are also welcome to attend both meals, at a cost of $2.50 for breakfast and $4.35 for lunch.

According to Dakota News Now, the district is instituting a no questions asked, no income guidelines, or paperwork policy to participate in the program for any child 0-18 years-of-age. There is just one stipulation, no food can be sent home, all meals must be consumed on-site.

Does your child need a ride to a participating school?

No problem. Kids can catch a lift on a city bus courtesy of (Sioux Area Metro/SAM) with a Freedom Pass.

Here are a list of the nine different Sioux Falls Public Schools that will be participating in the Summer Food Service Program:

  • Laura B. Anderson Elementary  at 1600 N. Wayland Avenue.
  • Anne Sullivan Elementary  at 3701 E. 3rd Street.
  • Terry Redlin Elementary at 1721 E. Austin Street.
  • Eugene Field Elementary  at 501 S. Highland Avenue.
  • Hawthorne Elementary  at 601 N. Spring Avenue.
  • Lowell Elementary  at 710 W. 18th Street.
  • Garfield Elementary  at 705 S. Roberts Drive.
  • Hayward Elementary  at 400 N. Valley View Road.
  • And Rosa Parks Elementary at  5701 E. Red Oak Drive.

Get complete details on the Summer Food Service Program here.

Source: Dakota News Now

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