Sioux Falls Police arrested a man on Tuesday at Duluth Avenue and 13th Street who was being questioned on the abuse of an eight month old puppy.

"Our animal control officers in Sioux Falls were actually investigating a case of possible animal abuse to a small puppy," according to Police Sgt. Sean Kooistra.

"They had received some information that there were some individuals that were being mean to a puppy, grabbing at it and possibly kicked it. They had called in because of a concern."

"Animal Control officers responded to the area and were able to make contact with some subjects in the area they believed were involved in the original call."

That's when Animal Control called for backup when one of them became disorderly.

"Responding officers were able to take him into custody and get him under control. While in custody, he did spit at one of our officers that added to his charges."

Kooistra says 18-year-old Brandon Barrett of Sioux Falls was arrested and charged with obstruction, resisting arrest, and simple assault.

The puppy is with Barrett's parents.

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