After Sioux Falls Animal Control received a report of a dead animal in a house on South Lyndale Avenue, Sioux Falls Police Department Information Officer Sam Clemens says officers found filthy conditions throughout the entire residence.

"They were able to get a search warrant and found there was a 10-year-old girl living there. Police officers thought there was a chance there was no water or electricity at the house," said Clemens.

"They went to serve the search warrant on Wednesday afternoon and found several people inside and smelled marijuana coming from the house."

Police also found deplorable living conditions.

"There was garbage inside and outside the house. The basement had all kinds of garbage, animal feces, and urine everywhere. The mom was found hiding under a bed in a bedroom. She initially said her daughter was not there. But, the officers did some checking and found the daughter was hiding behind a dresser."

Clemens says the girl's parents, 42-year-old Heather Schwartz and 38-year-old Adam Swalley, were arrested and charged with abuse and neglect. The girl is in protective custody.

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