Members of the Sioux Falls Police Department just wrapped up a deer hunt as part of the South Dakota Deer Management plan.

The deer population within the Sioux Falls city limits was once again becoming too large, and KSFY TV reports the Game Fish and Parks Department were again forced to issue 50 deer tags to the police department to help cut down on the herd inside the city.

While some people might view this type of activity as being cruel and inhumane, officials with Animal Control say that controlling the deer numbers is actually necessary at times when it comes to managing the health and well-being of the deer population. Not to mention the importance of helping to reduce deer and vehicle collisions in and around city limits throughout the year.

Animal Control supervisor Julie DeJong told KSFY TV, "We have noticed a decline in the number of car-deer accidents on the interstate systems where we have been working, so we believe this is paying off for us, and it's working for the city."

KSFY reports another benefit of deer management, more than 1,500 pounds of deer meat has been donated to local food pantries through the plan.

Source: KSFY TV

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