We live in the west part of Sioux Falls where there is an abundant of mature trees.  And with the trees come the wildlife.

You name it.  From just about every kind of song bird and raptor to possum, skunk and raccoon.

With the recent construction of the Lake Lorraine development, the wild critters in that area have for the most part been evicted.  And have taken up residence in the backyards of residents.  Specifically ours.

When we started to see signs of the four legged visitors many years ago we made a call to Animal Control who gave us a live trap for a two week period.  And there was success every time.  I finally got my own live trap and now have Animal Control on speed dial.

Last year we caught our second skunk.  That didn't make the neighbors happy.  And that was the second time.

The scorecard this year, so far, 1-raccoon, 1-possum and 4-feral cats.

Hello, Animal Control, it's me again!

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