Ok, so that title may be a bit loaded.

By Sioux Falls, I mean people that follow me and voted on my social media. And, I only gave two options: The Little Giants and The Sandlot.

I'm fully aware that there are more 90s kids' sports movies like all 3 The Mighty Ducks, Angels in the Outfield, Rookie of the Year, Space Jam, Ladybugs, The Big Green, and Air Bud. The list could go on.

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Devon, who played Jr Floyd in
The Little GiantsThe Sandlot

You guys, this is why the internet was invented. The whole thread was actually really fun to read.

Anyway, it got me thinking, which one do people prefer. I feel like The Sandlot gets a lot of attention, but, for me, The Little Giants is right up with The Sandlot. I can quote The Little Giants just as much as The Sandlot. And, as a female, the character of Becky/Icebox was so relatable. I wasn't super athletic like she was, but I definitely wasn't the cheerleader type either. Plus, I had a super crush on Devon/Jr Floyd too! So, for me, it's a tie. Also, The Little Giants has Rick Moranis and Ed O'Neill as well as cameos from Emmitt Smith and John Madden. The Sandlot doesn't have that.

Let's see what my social media followers/Sioux Falls thinks.

Twitter- The Sandlot with a landslide vote. 90.6% to 9.4%

Facebook- The Sandlot had 17 votes and The Little Giants had 4

Instagram- The Sandlot had 93 votes and The Little Giants had 25.

There you have it. My social media followers/Sioux Falls prefer The Sandlot.


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