The Sandlot is by far one of my most favorite movies. If you don't like people who talk during movies do not watch this movie with me because I will recite almost the whole thing while watching it. It was a staple growing up.

Every 4th of July I think about the guys from The Sandlot playing their one night game a year because the fireworks lit up the sky just enough to play while Ray Charles is singing  "America the Beautiful" in the background.

This version of "America the Beautiful" is just the best. Goosebumps every single time.

Also, I think fireworks are one of those things that are mesmerizing no matter your age. The looks on all their faces watching the fireworks is all of us on July 4th. As an adult, there are only so many things that instantly take you back to your childhood, and I think fireworks are definitely one of those things.

Happy Birthday, America!

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