Fireworks are mostly illegal in the Sioux Falls city limits. Sparklers and other fireworks that don't shoot or fly are ok, but no exploding.

But, don't try to tell some people that they can't be throwing fire around our densely populated city.

The Argus Leader reported that the Sioux Falls police department responded to over 300 complaints over the holiday weekend leading up to the fourth. The SFPD ended up issuing five of the notorious $107 fireworks citations this year.

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The SFPD made it clear that they were going to do their jobs and enforce the law this 4th of July.

"We are back at it again! It’s exhausting being the bad guys, but someone has to do it. It’s not worth the $107.50 citation!" Police said on social media.

And as often happens, some people on social media weren't having it.

"This is why no one invites cops to the good parties," one person said on Facebook.

"Did they set up a go fund me page for the fine? I would like to donate. You may ask why? Because America baby that’s why," said another.

"If the punishment is a fine then it’s only a crime for poor people…," added another commenter.

"If I pay that $107, will y’all leave me along the rest of the night so I can finish shooting off my fireworks? 😂," one curious person asked.

Shade was flying in every direction in the comments:

"I don't get why people are pissed the cops are handing out citations. It's illegal to shoot them within city limits. Go out to the dirt roads and shoot them off. Apparently we live in a city of petulant children. Mommy and Daddy should have done a better job of teaching their kids respect."

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