Two weeks after cracking the top ten ranking for all-time summer rainfall, Sioux Falls has climbed a few spots on the list. Only a little more is needed to break into the top five.

Keep in mind this total is only for the official ranking for Sioux Falls which is measured at the National Weather Service office in the northern part of the city. If this were taken elsewhere, the numbers could be much higher. There are at least two occasions if not more over the past fourteen days where higher amounts, even an inch more, have been received in other parts of Sioux Falls.

Beginning June 1 through noon on August 20, the total reads 16.70 inches of rain which is the sixth wettest summertime total. Two weeks ago, that number was 15.03 good for tenth place. Getting into the top five would only take a small shower with the target being 16.76 which was achieved back in 1944.

A moderate shower or two by the end of August could push the total into the top three on the rankings with the 1993 total standing at 17.39. However it would take some heavy rain to get to the 2014 mark of 19.45 or the biggest number of 22.64 set back in 2010.

These big amounts could be viewed as a recent trend with three of the current top six June 1 through August 31 most rainy seasons happening in the last nine years. One of those last nine years pushes things back toward the average as 2012 was the driest on record with only 2.73 inches of rain for that three month stretch.

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