A TikTok'r posted about how a live photo helped her catch her cheating, good for nothing boyfriend. See below:



This got me thinking, "I bet there are some pretty good stories about catching cheating spouses right here in Sioux Falls." And, as usual, the Sioux Empire did not disappoint.

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Here are some of the best responses from our listeners this morning:

  • I received a naked picture of my boyfriend at the time from another girl
  • The girl he was cheating on me with added me on Snapchat and told me lol & when I asked him about it he dodged the question multiple times. I finally just cut things off with him
  • My ex-husband had his "lover's" phone number saved under a guy's name in his phone. He got a weird text from that "guy" I didn't recognize the guy's name, so I put the number into my phone to see if it popped up as a person that I knew… It popped up as one of my best friend's work cell phone numbers… doneski.
  • Was dating this girl for a month, told some friends I hadn't seen in a while about her, and they said "what? I heard another one of our friends was with her" Turns out she was juggling 3 different guys
  • My kids asked me if I had a boyfriend because they got to meet daddy's girlfriend
  • 3 years with the man I thought was the love of my life, even bought a house together. He had an ex gf he claimed was just a friend. The minute she got divorced he left but she ended up coming forward and letting me know that the whole 3 yrs we had been together he had been lying to me and unfaithful. She even provided me with screenshots as proof. Needless to say, he lied to her a lot as well about our relationship. Needless to say, we both have quit talking to him and ultimately he's alone in the end.
  • My live-in boyfriend at the time did not come home one night on my way to work the next morning I saw his car outside my best friend's sister's house. My best friend was in the car with me so we stopped and she let me in her sister's house to find my boyfriend in bed with her sister.
  • Found out he cheated on me when he got child support papers in the mail.
  • Ex BF was at work. While he was on break at his job a mutual friend we had tagged him on Facebook, saying visiting my man while he is on break
  • My ex-husband of 11 years was sleeping w the neighbor. I caught them outside together when he was supposed to be at work and stopped and confronted them. I was 8 months pregnant with our 4th child
  • I found out my husband was cheating with his boss's wife and other women as he worked out of town. His coworkers felt awful as he was so open about cheating and I was 6 months pregnant so they let me know. I let his boss's wife know and needless to say my now ex-husband was fired and got his ass kicked on his way off of the property. Instant karma, baby.
  • I lived with a guy for 3 years. Then found out I was number 2. The other girl started harassing me over text and I wasn't getting it. Met with her and told her I was clueless. She didn't believe me and kept harassing me over it. So I made the guy choose and he chose me. Just to get even with the other girl for shaming me and all the harassment I went through.. Then I dumped him a month later to get even. I dumped at the time I knew he had nothing and no one to run to. He lost both of us.
  • I was in my boyfriend's bathroom and on his sink was his phone and it was lighting up so I wouldn't normally but I did look and it was his other girlfriend I remember her name before I walked out the door. he messaged me the next day and said why would you tell her that happened if you are done with me I said because he obviously didn't respect her either she deserved to know the end
  • I found out my husband was cheating from a coworker, he got the address of where he saw my husband's car, I drove there on my lunch break from work and caught him red-handed with 3 other girls drinking, but he told me he was at home, I looked in his phone and he sent his bottom half to her as well, trying to say he was just friends with her and he worked with her ...... needless to say we got a divorce soon after

And this was by far the most savage response I got!

  • Long story. So my bf had admitted to me that he went back to his hometown and got drunk and slept with someone. We had been together for quite some time and first love blah blah I forgave him. Fast forward like 6 months we are at a house party and he's passed out. His best friend and I were chatting and tells me that he's still seeing that girl and 2 timing me. Bragged to him about how he sleeps with her when he's supposedly at work and then comes home and sleeps with me.. I crept through his phone and sure enough.. nudes and whatnot. So I slept with his best friend that night with him in the other room passed out and dumped him in the morning.. oops.


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