The career I'm in made number 8 on the list.  Where do you stand?

Here's what your job tells us. According to there are certain professions that make you subject to cheating on your significant other.

Now keep in mind this is a website for people looking for affairs, and they just analyzed what jobs are most common for their members.  In other words which professions have the most people looking to cheat.  Did you make the list?

  1. Banking and finance, 18%.
  2. Management and HR, 12%
  3. Self-employed, 8%
  4. Engineering and IT, 6%
  5. Accounting, 5%
  6. Sales and marketing, 4%
  7. Government, healthcare and medical, and legal, 3%.
  8. Advertising, media, design, education, science and retired, 2%
  9. Customer service, administration, hotels and tourism and retail, 1%

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