Some guys are dogs, pigs, or any other animal you wish to call them because they are dirty rotten cheaters. But some of those barnyard animal men may be genetically hindered in their ability to be faithful.

The Journal of neuroscience published a study that suggests a low level of oxytocin made more likely to cheat.

Men in who were in committed relationships were given oxytocin tended to stay further away from attractive women. Those who were not given oxytocin felt comfortable standing closer to the attractive women.

I'm no neuroscientist, but I don't think oxytocin, or a lack there of, keeps men from being able to exercise their ability to make the right decision. Does a lack of oxytocin make someone take their pants off too? If that were the case we would see a number of random men walking around naked for no reason.

No matter what the scientists are right. The problem is in the jeans.

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