I totally understand that I run colder than most people. I am cold almost all the time. Any time of year, it doesn't matter. However, this week here in Sioux Falls, SD, we are in for some bitterly cold weather. I'm talking highs in the single digits and a couple of days might even have highs in the below zero range. That's just stupid cold.

I have had more than one person I know say that they just got their coat out. Meaning they haven't worn a coat yet. What?!?! I've been wearing a coat, in some form, since probably the end of September.

I get that some people have attached garages or remote starts for their cars, but it is still frigid. I have a remote start, I still wear a coat and gloves in the car.

I also know a few people that say they still haven't worn a coat, but it's in their car just in case. In case what? In case it gets colder? Any colder and, basically, we're all doomed.

I just don't understand it. Are people just really not cold? Do they think they look tough without a coat? I don't think anyone thinks you're cool. I see someone without a coat during days like this and I think they're crazy. Frostbite isn't sexy, you guys.

I'm currently sitting inside, with my space heater on, wearing a sweatshirt, boots, and a stocking hat and I am cold. My fingers especially. I could almost put a coat on right now. Indoors. And you're telling me you're going to go outside, where it's below zero, and not wear a coat. It just baffles my brain.

Anyway, I just needed to get that off my chest. If you have any insight about people not wearing coats during the winter, I'd love an answer. Nothing is going to make sense to me, but I'd still like to hear your 'logic'.

Stay warm out there. Wear a coat. And gloves. And a hat.

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