I don't understand what is wrong with some people's brains when they poach animals and leave them to rot.

A pair of bull elk were shot and left to rot in the Black Hills according to GFP.

South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks are seeking information regarding the poaching of two bull elk on approximately 10/26/2019-10/28/2019. The two bulls were shot 5 miles north of Hwy 16 on Boles Canyon Rd in Custer County. It appears both elk were shot from the road.

If you have any information regarding this incident, please call 1-888-0VERBAG (or submit an online report or contact Wildlife Conservation Officer Jeff Edwards directly at (605)381-9995.

I'm a hunter, but this isn't hunting. This is illegal taking of a relatively scarce public resource. Any Elk tags are tough to come by in South Dakota. And once you get an elk tag of any kind, you can't apply in the first draw for nine years. There were two elk that someone who legally has a license will not get the chance to hunt.

What is worse in this case is that they didn't even harvest the animal. Elk is arguably the best game meat in nature. But this walking piece of garbage didn't even do it for the meat. They did it for the thrill of the kill. That's not why I hunt. In fact I don't like the killing part. I like everything else about hunting. The process of finding, stalking, developing a strategy, and completing the challenge is what excites me most. Then I have delicious meat when it's done. I also enjoy butchering my own meat. Most people don't hunt, but most people are okay with hunting as long as the animal is harvested for food.

If someone should happen to read this and know who did it, turn them in. They are trash.

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