It all started out innocent enough. My daughter Jessie and her three kids live down by Clarkson, Nebraska. We were busy and they were busy, so what say we just meet in Sioux City (a town so popular 3 states are trying to claim it), eat someplace and then find a park where the Grandkids can run around, maybe play some catch, do some swings and monkey bars and have a nice hour or two in the afternoon?

Ah yes, family time.

Well, we meet at a buffet place so the Grand Young'uns can eat whatever they want. There's quite a cuisine range when you're looking at ages from 10 to 16. So we ate (and ate some more) and then set out to find a park.

'Don't worry', my daughter says, 'I'll just Google it and you can follow me'! Now, this is all my fault, because I've known her long enough and 'Follow Me' can lead us to anywhere.

And it did.

I follow her, winding through some residential streets, until finally, there it is. The park.

Now, while I was expecting a seesaw or two, maybe a merry-go-round, the first thing I see is a sign that says 'First Brides Grave'.

I've been plodding around this big blue marble quite a few years, but this is the first time I've entered a fun park that had anything to do with a dead bride. So, this should be a hoot.

Or a haunt.

While I'm sure everyone in the Sioux City area is familiar with it, I discovered a walking bridge onto a fair piece of level ground, surrounded by hills covered with trees and brush. I believe this is what are called bluffs (no bluffing).  There were what seemed to be a dozen dirt paths leading up through the 'bluffs' and even one (very old) wooden stairway.

While I tried to convince the Grandkids to play some catch, they were of course anxious to find whatever it was that lay beyond those trees up the dusty paths. So of course, my technological whiz of a daughter decided to Google again.  Uh-oh.

'Hey guess what, it's haunted!'

Well, tha'ts nice.

Rather than describe the scene, lets trek along with these guys on their YouTube video.

Oh, but that's only part one.

Me? I'm sitting on the trunk of my car, which is very (very) near the street. Not that I believe in ghosts or anything.

So if you are of the ilk that enjoys conjuring up first brides who have been dead about a hundred and fifty years, do I have a place for you!


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