Any consumer will tell you that they can identify products that were manufactured or came from a country other than the United States. Just look on the label or the item itself. Made in China. Made in Taiwan. This product made in Vietnam.

Showing their support for the U.S. Cattlemen’s Association’s petition requesting the establishment of certain beef labeling requirements, South Dakota Senators Mike Rounds and John Thune stood up for the U.S. beef industry.

The Senators introduced the U.S. Beef Integrity Act that sends a strong message to the USDA to make changes in beef labeling.

As it stands currently the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) does not require that beef be born, raised and slaughtered in the U.S. in order to carry a “Product of the U.S.A.” label.

With the urging of Senator Rounds and Senator Thune steps were taken to keep beef born, raised and slaughtered in foreign countries from receiving a “Product of the U.S.A.” label. The U.S. Beef Integrity Act would make certain that the “Product of the U.S.A.” label only goes to beef and beef products exclusively derived from one or more animals born, raised and slaughtered in the United States.

Product of the U.S.A or Made in the U.S.A., now those are labels I can be proud of and support.

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